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Searching for higher returns? We provide an opportunity to directly access investments which have the potential to earn above-average market returns paid monthly with individual real estate secured first deed of trust loans and mezzanine loans. Building a diversified real estate portfolio that meets your goals has never been easier. Invest alongside a team whose knowledge and expertise in the industry has led to decades of successful underwriting experience.




What does Evergreen do for investors?

We are an investment platform for commercial real estate. We provide investors the ability to browse and select investment offerings based on investment preferences including asset type, loan term, and risk and return profile. Our proprietary platform enables investors to manage and track their investment portfolio, receive automated interest payments, and regular financial reporting.

What are private mortgages? What value can private mortgages add to my overall investment portfolio?

A private mortgage is a form of asset-based loan; a secured debt obligation, which produces a regular, predictable income stream to investors, with all the security, protections and recourse that a mortgage lien can provide. These investments generate a steady stream of interest payments, which, in today’s market, have the potential to exceed current money market rates by more than 10%. Unlike stocks, the underlying security is tangible bricks and mortar, where legal protections such as title insurance, and many other unique rights and remedies ensure the enforceability of a mortgage lien and provide substantial downside protection for the investor. In addition, many private mortgage loans are also secured by personal guarantees from the borrowers, adding another layer of recourse beneficial to the lender or investor.

If bank rates are so low, why would a borrower seek a comparatively expensive private mortgage rather than a much lower rate on a conventional mortgage from a bank?

Often there is a need for quicker timing or a specific opportunity requiring more creativity than a bank can typically offer.

First, borrowers often require rapid funding for transactions where the closing date is rapidly approaching. Borrowers must close in a timely fashion in order to avoid losing significant contract deposits. After closing a bridge or hard money loan with a private lender, a borrower can pursue optimal permanent financing at low interest rates with a bank.

Second, borrowers will often contract to purchase a vacant property that they plan to convert to another use (office to residential, for example). A traditional lender would prefer to finance the transaction after the borrower has executed the renovation, rented the property, and created stable cash flow. Evergreen is able to properly underwrite and structure these transactions to mitigate risk using borrower’s personal guarantee and other collateral.

How do I get started as an investor?

You can get started as an investor by calling us at 202-713-9072 or emailing our team at

What are the terms of the investments?

The terms of each investment on the platform are specific to that listing. Prospective investors should review in detail the offering documents provided for each investment opportunity.

When will I be updated on my investments?

Our platform enables for direct communication with investors, including the posting of ongoing reporting and updates on the status of a project, as well as the delivery of tax filing and other relevant materials directly to investors.

What type of investments does Evergreen fund?

Evergreen makes high yield debt investments, such as senior secured loans and mezzanine loans. The majority of our investments funded are senior loans, which have a senior priority return over all capital in the transaction. Each investment’s fixed return is paid current on a monthly basis.

Can I invest in private mortgages using my IRA?

Yes. There are many IRA custodians across the US that handle self-directed IRA’s. The steady stream of income produced by private mortgages are a perfect fit for IRA investments.


FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. There can be no assurance the investment objectives described herein will be achieved. This material is not an offer to sell securities. This investment is subject to substantial risks. These risks include absence of a public market for your units, limited transferability and lack of liquidity, reliance on the fund’s general partners, and potential conflicts of interest.